Car Insurance Quote Online

Why do I need car insurance?

Legal Requirements

By law, you will need to have valid motor insurance before you can drive your car on a public road. Failing to have insurance on UK roads is an offence under the UK Road Traffic Act. The minimum policy you'll need is "Third-Party car insurance", but other more expensive policies that provide additional cover for you and your car are "Third-Party Fire and Theft" and "Comprehensive Insurance".

Why do I need to be insured for my car?

Being insured to drive your car will cover the compensation that will be payable as a result of any injury that may occur to yours, or other driver's vehicles, to other people including your passengers, or property that may be damaged as a result.

Additional cover may be available depending on your car insurance policy, but these will vary from provider to provider. Check the insurance policy quote overview before you buy car insurance to see what additional cover the insurer may provide on top of the policy. The quote should supply this information.

What happens if I am caught as an uninsured driver?

Driving your car, or allowing others to driver your car without valid car insurance is an extremely serious offence in the eyes of the law. Being caught without insurance will result in a long driving ban, a hefty fine and/or your car being crushed. If you rely on your car to work you may even find yourself losing your job as a result of driving without insurance.

Letís face it, itís not worth the risk. Get yourself insured today and play safe.