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Types of car insurance

Policies available to insure your car

Third party car insurance

Third party insurance is the minimum legal requirement to drive your vehicle on a public road. Compensation on Third-Party insurance only provides cover for other people's property resulting in an accident that is directly caused by you, and this type of insurance policy won't cover any costs that are incurred by you as a result of an accident in your car. It does not cover the costs of damage to your car.

Third party fire and theft

Third party fire and theft car insurance covers the same conditions as third-party insurance, but it will also cover the insurance should your car be stolen or damaged by a fire.

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance will provide additional cover for damage to your own car as a result of an accident.

Depending on the insurer, a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy will also provide additional benefits, and may include:

  • a courtesy car while your vehicle is being repaired
  • breakdown recovery and repair
  • payment of legal expenses to recovery your losses such as your excess that may be payable

Make sure you check your policy to see what additional extras are available on your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.