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No Claims Discounts

How you can build up no-claims discounts on your policy

No claims discounts, (also known as no claims bonuses, or NCB) are commonly given to car insurance policy holders to reward them for not making claims on the insurance for the previous year. There are substantial savings to be made by having no-claims discounts applied to your policy. Typically, a policy holder may be able to save up to three quarters of the total cost when having a maximum of 5 years no-claims discounts.

Discounts for no claims are applied for each year of making no claim against your car insurance policy, and is rewarded for being a safe driver.

However, in some cases you may be able to find an insurance broker who offers no claims discounts for more than five years, although you will need to shop around as they are not common.

When car insurance brokers calculate no claims discounts and bonuses, there is typically a sliding scale of discounts available to policy holders as follows:

  • 0 no claims discount - no discount
  • 1 yr no claims discount - 30 percent off insurance premium
  • 2 years no claims - 40 percent off insurance premium
  • 3 years no claims - 50 percent off insurance premium
  • 4 years no claims - 60 percent off insurance premium
  • 5 years + no claims - 65-75 percent off insurance premium

What happens to my no claims discount if I make a claim?

In the case of having to make a claim on your insurance policy, your no claims discount reverts back by two years.

No claims bonus protection

In cases where your claim falls into the 'no-fault' category, you should not lose your no claims discount on your car insurance policy.